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Complete Qaidah- Madinah Script – Learn to Read Series


– 13 Progressive Levels– Learning Objectives & Checklist– Unique Marking Code– Homework Diary– Teacher/Parent Friendly– Original Quranic Script– T..

– 13 Progressive Levels

– Learning Objectives & Checklist

– Unique Marking Code

– Homework Diary

– Teacher/Parent Friendly

– Original Quranic Script

– Tried and Tested over several years at Safar Academy

– Part of a Comprehensive Series

The Safar Complete Qāʿidah is vastly different from other Qāʿidahs available: it is a product of consultation and teaching experience of over a decade. It contains 13 progressive levels, each targeting a unique feature of learning. Each level ensures a gradual and logical progression that fills the gaps which exist in many other Qāʿidahs. Explanatory graphics and supplementary exercises have also been included, providing a comprehensive approach to learning to read the Qurʾān.

There are only Qurʾānic examples in this Qāʿidah and the script has been imported directly from the Madīnah Qurʾān which is used worldwide. We have done this because computer fonts and alternative calligraphers do not prepare students well enough to read the hand-written Qurʾānic script.

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