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Principles of Deen


Principles of Deen By Dr. Mufti Abdul WahidTranslation & Edited By Mufti Afzal Hussain IlyasHardback 224 PagesISBN: 9789695863312 Publis..

Principles of Deen 

By Dr. Mufti Abdul Wahid

Translation & Edited By Mufti Afzal Hussain Ilyas

Hardback 224 Pages

ISBN: 9789695863312 

Publisher: Zam Zam Publishers

The book "Principles of Deen" has 12 chapters, explaining: 

1.) Wahi

2.) Principles of Tafseer

3.) Principles of Hadith 

4.) The consensus of the Ummat (Ijma)

5.) Qiyas 

6.) What is Fiqh 

7.) Principles of Fiqh 

8.) Essentials of Fiqh

9.) Principles of ijtihad 

10.) Principles of Taqleed 

11.) Principles of Sunnat and Bid'at and 

12.) Principles of Imaan and Kufr.

Information in this book, because of its close link to classically written text will be new to many readers. Thus I suggest one reads, studies and seeks further explanation from Ulema. In fact, it is an ideal textbook for advanced adult classes in any part of the world.

The contents, if understood, will definitely create a better rapport, link, and bridge between the lay Muslims and the Ulema e Haqq. Dr. Mufti Abdul Wahid, Mufti of Jamia Madina Lahore, Pakistan, has written many other works which are compiled in syllabus form. These are taught in numerous Masaajids in Pakistan.

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