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Tags: A Muslim's Fortress From Illnesses and Epidemics By Mufti Khapi, Mufti Sufyan Khapi

A Muslim's Fortress From Illnesses and Epidemics By Mufti Khapi

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  • Author: Mufti Sufyan Khapi
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A Muslims Fortress from illnesses and epidemicsAdapted from MajalisalthikrBy Mufti Sufyan KhapiPaperback 41 PagesPublisher: Myislaam PublicationsAbout..

A Muslims Fortress from illnesses and epidemics

Adapted from Majalisalthikr

By Mufti Sufyan Khapi

Paperback 41 Pages

Publisher: Myislaam Publications

About This Book

During the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, many people were requesting for a compilation of supplications (duʿās) for protection, specifically for the English-speaking audience. This compilation was put together to cater for those requests, though the compilation can be used and is beneficial for all times.

This compilation contains supplications (duʿās) and guidance in relation to protecting oneself from illnesses and epidemics.

Making duʿā is a deed which should be done at all times, at ease and difficulty. Unfortunately, at the time of ease many neglect this sacred act. However, scholars have mentioned that one of the methods of making sure your duʿā is readily accepted is by making duʿā at the time of ease, so when difficulties come and one makes duʿā, the chances of this duʿā being accepted will be greatly increased.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W mentioned that whoever wants his duʿās to be accepted whilst he is enduring difficulty and hardship, then he should increase in duʿā whilst enjoying ease.

This compilation captures some very beneficial Prophetic duʿās which are relevant for the times of difficulty. We should all endeavour to supplicate to Almighty Allah with these beautiful supplications and duʿās of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

The aḥādīth in this compilation have been complemented with references, including a detailed Arabic reference section for those who want to refer to the original sources.

About The Compiler

Muftī Sufyan Ibn Yakub Khapi is an Islamic scholar, Imam and Chaplain, who has been traditionally trained under the supervision of scholars both in UK and abroad. He is also a Ḥāfiẓ of the Qur’ān and has a BA and MA in Islamic studies.

From amongst other commitments, he works as a Sharī’ah expert, providing guidance and expert advice on Sharī’ah related matters. Furthermore, he is a headteacher for a local Madrasah. He has travelled to many countries such as Japan, America, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Arabia, Pakistan and India to assist in his duties as an Islamic scholar.


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