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Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

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Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest SourcesBy Martin Lings(Abu Bakr Siraj al-Din)Paperback 362 PagesISBN: 0946621330Publisher : The Islamic Texts..

Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources
By Martin Lings(Abu Bakr Siraj al-Din)
Paperback 362 Pages
ISBN: 0946621330
Publisher : The Islamic Texts Society (ITS), Cambridge, UK

About The Book

Acclaimed worldwide as the definitive biography of the Prophet in the English language. Martin Lings’ life of Muhammad is unlike any other. Based on Arabic sources of the eighth and ninth centuries, of which some important passages are translated here for the first time, it owes the freshness and directness of its approach to the words of men and women who heard Muhammad speak and witnessed the events of his life. 

Martin Lings has an unusual gift for narrative. He has adopted a style which is at once extremely readable and reflects both the simplicity and grandeur of the story. The result is a book which will be read with equal enjoyment by those already familiar with Muhammad’s life and those coming to it for the first time. 

This book was awarded a prize by the government of Pakistan, and selected as the best biography of the Prophet in English at the National Seerat Conference held in 1983 at Islamabad. 

Since then it has been published in French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Malay and Tamil, and is shortly to be published in Arabic, German, Urdu, Sindi and Sinhalese. In 1990, after the book had attracted the attention of the Azhar University in Cairo, the author received a decoration from President Mubarak. 

A Selection from the Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : The House of God
Chapter 7 : The Year of the Elephant
Chapter 14 : The Rebuilding of the Ka’bah
Chapter 31 : The Year of Sadness
Chapter 37 : The Hijrah
Chapter 43 : The Battle of Badr
Chapter 67 : A Clear Victory
Chapter 72 : The Lesser Pilgrimage and its Aftermath
Chapter 75 : The Conquest of Mecca
Chapter 83 : The Farewell Pilgrimage
Chapter 85 : The Succession and Burial
Map of Arabia. Quraysh (Genealogy Tree).
About the Author

Martin Lings born in Lancashire, England in 1909. Took an English degree at Oxford university. 

His interest in Islam and in Arabic took him to Egypt in 1939, and in the following year he was given a lectureship in Cairo University. In 1952 he returned to England and took a degree in Arabic at London University. From 1970-74 he was Keeper of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books at the British Museum (in 1973 his Department became part of the British Library) where he had been in special charge of the Qur’an manuscripts, amongst other treasures.

Dr. Martin Lings has been a Muslim for more than 50 years. He is also a Muslim scholar and has written various books in the fields of Traditional Islam and Sufism.
Martin Lings AKA Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din.

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