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Wayfarers Week 2021

Wayfarers Week 2021

Darul Arqam invite you to join the Wayfarers Week Retreat for a week of remembrance and contemplation. Aiming to recreate an atmosphere of brotherhood, compassion and joy that emanates with true faith. We deliberately keep costs low so that the most people possible can benefit. We hope during week we can rejuvenate some of the meanings we have been studying within the various courses at Darul Arqam.  It is a joyful time, with attendance open to all, including families and we welcome children (for whom special activities have been arranged) since their presence is a means for the attraction of the angels of mercy. There are various activities, circles of sacred knowledge, circles of Qu’ran, remembrance, congregational prayers and sacred recreational activities which will enlighten the soul and draw you in proximity to our Lord.

Why Visit Sanliurfa?

Urfa (or al-Ruha in Arabic) known as Edessa in ancient times is an important city with a rich history. It is situated fifty miles from the Euphrates river marking it as one of the most earliest human settlements. There is evidence to suggest that the ancient city was home to the temple which our liege lord Ibrahim عليه السلام resided near and he was born in this city.

Ur Kasdim – as the city is also called is considered to be the hometown of Ibrahim عليه السلام. Islam first arrived in Urfa around during the period of the Khulafah al-Rashideen and they willingly invited the liberating force and no hostilities took place. The Crusaders established this city as their first colonial Crusader Kingdom and forced the local population to accept Catholic rites.

The commander Imad al-Deen Zengi رحمة الله عليه liberated the city and returned it to the hands of the believers, allowing for religious freedom of worship. He was the precursor to the Liberating Battle (Jihaad) – and his noble gesture ushered in a warrior spirit in the Ummah – and the likes of Noor al-Deen Zengi (Imad al-Deens son) and Salah al-Deen Ayyubi continued the struggle. The Uthmanis (Ottomans) Sultan Salim during the battles of Marj Dabik (1516) and Raydaniyya (1517) amalgamated it to the Uthmani Khilafah. During Sultan Salims battles with the Mamaluks of Egypt the Prophetic Vestiges arrived to Istanbul passing through the important town of Mardin. Urfa – a city Prophetic in origin and a frontier land (Thughrah – Ribat) in history espousing faith, struggle and spirituality!